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Art Club

Art Club

What is art club?

Hvitfeldtska Art club is a newly established club that welcomes students from both the IB program and the Swedish programs. During our sessions, we try different art tools that are available, to create our own artworks! We also cooperate with other clubs and provide service for CAS!


What do we do in art club?

In this club, our main goal is to teach each other. We try to follow tutorials to learn and develop new skills. Students do not have to be professional in order to be able to participate. Everyone can use their creativity and other's help to create art!

If you are planning to study art or just enjoy a friendly environment to work and create art, the Art club is for you!

Contact us!

If you are interested in joining or just want more information, contact us through instagram: hvit_artsclub.

Or contact us individually:




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