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 Basketlaget/Basketball Team

Den här föreningen är vilande och informationen är utdaterad, kontakta Matilda Östling ifall du är sugen på att starta upp den här föreningen: 0704939930

Here at Hvitfeldtska's Basketball Team we will push you to do your best in every sense of the word. Through rigorous but entertaining activites we will not only train basketball, but working as a team. You will learn to push yourself to the point where you will be able to look back at your old self and not even recognize who that person was.


Above all else though we aim to make everything an enjoyable experience for everyone. We won't require you to have any sort of basketball experience. The only thing required is your want to improve your basketball talent.


We will accept anyone from zero experience to someone who has been holding a basketball since they were born. Anyone and everyone is welcome.


Practices will be held in the gym Tuesdays and Thursdays after school 16:00 every week unless notified different.


President Hvitfeldtska's Basketballclub

Thomas Walker

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