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Amnesty Hvitfeldtska

What is Amnesty Hvitfeldtska?

We at amnesty Hvitfeldtska are a part of the huge organisation Amnesty international. Together with groups from all over Sweden, and all over the world, we can participate in making a real change!

We usually meet up once a week after school to discuss global human rights issues, but mostly we try to think of ways to reach out and inform the rest of the school with information. When we prepare for a campaign we might make posters, bake cookies, or come up with creative ideas of how to carry out the campaigns.
Then we have campaigns to collect petitions, that we then send to the official amnesty organisation where thousands and thousand other petitions are collected from all over the world. They will then send it to the place in question. These petitions can then help to pressure various authorities to change the laws or punishments in place that discriminates human rights.
And IB students, It's great for CAS since you get service, and in many cases also creativity!

If you want to get involved with the organisation outside of school there are activities with Amnesty Gothenburg in which you can participate in if you want to



Contact us!

If you are interested in joining, you could reach us at our Instagram account: @hvitfeldtskaamnesty send a request to join and you will be updated with times for meetings and so on!Contact: Lovre or Tina:,

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