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The Kenya Project

The Kenya Project is a non-profit charity organization founded and run by students of Hvitfeldtska.

We have hosted bake sales, candy cane sales, and various events to raise money. The money is sent to the high school, Eutychus academy and the daycare, Grace academy in the suburbs of Nairobi.

We also share an active Facebook page with Eutychus academy where we communicate through pictures and text posts with teachers and students of the high school.


Our aim is to develop a better understanding of the Kenyan culture and to establish long lasting bonds with the students of Eutychus academy. The goal of our club is to not only gain insight into the Kenyan society, but to also get a fundamentally broader view of the world as a whole.


To join, please contact Mia Desautels on Facebook, or send a message to our Instagram:

@hvitkenyaproject. Feel free to like our facebook page, The Kenya Project Hvitfeldtska.

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